We design

Ties without labels for people without labels

Ethical, Inclusive, Joyful

Back in 2018…

We had 99 problems

and a well-fitting-not-mustard-paisley tie WAS one. Founder Sara Stanton needed a tie for a new job, but like many members of the LGBTQ+ community, was met with a disappointing selection of binary tie options designed for men and was tired of constantly being told they were shopping in the "wrong" section. So they learned how to sew and began making their own neckties from patterns they designed themselves. Soon, friends and family who shared their struggles began asking for ties, and TAILQR was born.

And it really caught on…

Interest spread so rapidly

that Stanton began focusing on creating a large-scale business! After years of research, testing, and feedback, they found the perfect partners to produce TAILQR ties in the United States, from recycled materials.

We strive to create…

Ties that even mama earth can get behind

We are committed to transparency and ethics in manufacturing and materials. At TAILQR, we know in order to look good, you gotta feel good! Rest easy knowing that our ties are made using sustainable processes and recycled materials in the USA. We are also committed to fair and ethical wages so we can ensure our partners are happy and healthy, ready to create ties that will last you a lifetime!

We are...

Supporting our community and serving looks.

In addition to being queer-owned, TAILQR donates ties and 5% of all proceeds to LGBTQ+ organizations. We are proud to help LGBTQ+ folks feel safe, supported, and empowered wherever they go; whether it be a prom, job interview, or wedding!